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About Me

La migliore versione di me è qui per te.

How do you want to learn italian?

About me

I am a Certified Teacher of Italian (CEDILS) and English (CELTA). I studied Foreign languages and literature and Linguistics at university in Italy and in the Netherlands. I started to work as a language tutor when I was at university and continued during my stay in New Zealand. After completing my Master’s in Linguistics: Language and Education, I worked for AIESEC Romania to teach Italian in Iasi for the national project Teach Romanian Youth. In October 2018 I earned the CEDILS, a certificate that assessed my competence in teaching Italian as a foreign language, issued by the University of Venice. From January 2019 to April 2020 I worked at the South-West State University of Kursk (Russia), where I taught Italian and English.
Now I live in Amsterdam, where I recently completed the CELTA course.

my project

Italian stories with Davide is a podcast that aims at boosting your listening and reading skills through the exposure of new vocabulary and idioms. But it’s more than that. It is designed to enrich your knowledge of Italian language and CULTURE.
Today there are so many podcasts and content dedicated to Italian. However, most of them focus only on the language side, with little cultural and social contextualization. I hold the belief that learning a language goes beyond the simple letters, words and ability to speak. Learning a language means to dive into something new, especially when you get to an intermediate level. Italian stories with Davide tries to bridge this gap and offers you some original and unconventional stories that shapes Italian culture and society.

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